SERVICES : e-commerce solutions

Blue Matrix provides custom and original e-commerce solutions based on your business requirements. Our focus is placed upon creating a positive shopping experience for your customers. We do this by seamlessly integrating e-commerce functionality while maintaining a clean, attractive and intuitive website.

Blue Matrix offers rich e-commerce functionality including:

   Product Catalog - Customers can select products to purchase by browsing or searching product categories. We work with you to setup and launch your on-line catalog and provide you with the tools you need keep it up to date.

   Shopping Cart - We create for you a shopping cart that’s intuitive and easy to use to keep your abandon rate down and your sales up!

   Payment Processing - Solid integration with your electronic payment gateway is essential to providing a positive user experience and a profitable website.

   Security - Blue Matrix delivers secure websites utilizing strong encryption, passwords and access controls when required by your design.

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